Thứ Sáu, 9 tháng 5, 2008

In the mood for my DiAO.

it's been a long time I havent play basketball ( 3 months plus ) . Too bad for a captain. I was really busy but now, when I'm totally free after exam, I have to embark on playing Basketball again or I'll get worse!

Man! I really miss my teammates eventhough we havent seen each other for weeks. Everybody has been crazily busy because of homeworks,family matters, etc.. and we havent had any other games after the tournament.

Until now I still feel sad because of our game lost in the City basketball tournament 2008 - our first tournament - our first game! We were actually not very well-prepared. Studying at our school is really stressful , its more stressful than other schools. Parents and teachers always require their children to do so many things and they always expect us to have excellent results . Even worse, some of them dont want us to play any sport or take part in any extra-curricular activities so playing basketball regularly is a really big problem for many of our players. I'm lucky I guess. My paretns always encourage me to play sports and do things I want ( of course as long as I do well on studying!). I founded club Diao and together with my friends - who later became my teammates built the school varsity. Of course our school didnt restrict us from playing basketball but they also didn't give any support. We have to do everything on our own. We had to look for basketball course, look for coach and do all the managing task. We were inexperienced and had to cope with many difficulties. But we overcame all!
I still remember every moment of our first game in the tournament. I was really excited and coudn't sleep. I felt like I had been waiting for this game for a long long time. We had play some training games with other schools varsities but we were really weak, inexperienced. However, we started our game with no fear or nerveousness. We had nothing to lose. The only thing we had to do was try the best .

Our opponent was not a very famous team. They played not very good. Actually we were the team who played better. The only thing we lacked of was luck. As our team was new, the referees treated unfairly. While the opposite team had many benefits we had to suffer from the referees's unfair judgment. Well and we were not it a very good condition. Most of my teammates were not strong enough to play the whole game. I was the only one who didnt take any break during the game. At the end of the game, most of them were exhausted, We lost 1 point to the opposite team!

I was crying very loudly. Like a baby! I was sad, dissapointed cause I didnt play as well as I could have. I hated the referees for being unfair and I hated myself because I didnt dare to block the last shot of the opposite team's player. I regretted ! And I kept regretting many days after.

To live is to move on! And after them game, all of us know we can play really well. Maybe we lost, but it doesnt matter, We are heading for a near future, when we will win all of the games!

We are capable of doing that!

Chủ Nhật, 20 tháng 4, 2008

First daes at school.

My first day at primary school was really memorable. There were more good things than bad ones happening to me. One of the good things is that both of my Mom and Dad took me to school and they encouraged me a lot. That's why I didn't cry at all and I was really proud of myself because most of the kids around me cried very loudly. Another part that made my day pleasing was the kids I met. They were very amiable. We talked very merrily during the classes. One of the girl even offerd me to braid my hair. My most beautiful memory about this day is my teacher.She was really caring. She tried to talk and caress every of us, made sure that all of us feel happy before the first class. My first day at school is unforgetable not only because of good points. I was really unlucky because I had to sit next to a boy who was crying all day and later vomitted at me. In short, but for my sufference from the cowardly boy next to me, everything was perfect on the first day at secondary school.

As for my first day at secondary school. It had more bad things than good things. I didn't feel very comfortable at that day because I was the only one who came from Southern Vietnam so I didn't dare to talk. I sat next to a very talkative girl. She asked me countless questions just to please her curiosity. My mom, who was standing out of the class at that time, had to come into class and told her to stop chatting with me. I also met two naughty boys who tried to poke fun at my accent. My teacher couldn't be able to care for every of us as my primary teacher did and she seemed to be very distant and strict as well. Maybe the only good thing to me is that there were two girls who are very friendly and tactful. They didn't comment on my strange Southern voice and they compimented me for my nice hand-writing. Eventhough the start of secondary school was not really good but after all, I had a wonderful time with all of my friends and my teacher during the 4 years there.

I think that first daes at school are really important as they marks the milestones of your life. Maybe there are good ones on which u had many beautiful memories and bad ones on which you had to cope with bad lucks. The importance is your attitude towards the situation. If you are friendly and pleased to talk with the first-met people , you'll definitely find your first day interesting and pleasant. If you just keep yourself in your own egg, it will be a dreadful lonely day for you.And if there are bad things that happen to you, just be positive and try to solve it. I am sure there can't be utterly negative effects behind bad situation.
So, in short, be positive!

Thứ Bảy, 19 tháng 4, 2008

one good week.

Last sunday, my cousin , a handsome man came and took me to hang out with him. We intended to have breakfasts together and then I would be the spectator to the soccer match between his team and my school junior team. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible. It was pouring with rain all the morning so we came to S'box and talked for more than 2 hours. Then we came to my house and enjoyed the dish " crab-vermiceli" by my mom. It was a satisfying meal. In the afternoon I came to my student 's house - a 49 year-old lady and embarked on my work as an English tutor. The 2 hours teaching her were dreary and tiring. Teaching for a old lady who knows nothing about English is so dreadful. I had to be very patient. After 2 hours, we made a deal on my salary. It would be 100,000VND/period. At first I though it was quite high but now I feel I deserved it because teaching a lady like her requires much more effort than teaching a young boy. I came home and felt really tired. I had a quick nap ( actually it lasted for nearly 2 hours) then went to study. To tell the truth I was a bit lazy and I got online quite much. I read an article about a child who gets blood cancer. I sent Duc a message and asked for his help. He has been trying the best but everything doesn't seem to be okay.

On monday 5 of us ( who came to the CD AYL camp) had to take a physics test, which me missed during the time we were in Singapore. Waaw, I didn't study much the nite bfore so I was really worried but the test was not so harch, I could handle it ( of course with little help from my friends). Our English teacher was busy so we had 3 english periods off. I came home soon and slept till late in the afternoon, then Linh informed that our Math teacher was busy so we had to cancel the extra class. I didn't study much in the evening and at nite . Just learned some new words by heart and then got online to collect Yew twins's pics. Man! They are really cute. I think I've fallen for Siang Siang's cutie face and shining smile. Well, I have to collect Tong Tong's pics just because he looks like Siang Siang -.-

On tuesday, I had a meeting with Cracking Team. Waaw, it was just like a family meeting. I came across to pick Hin up as I promised to her the day before but that girl was so slow. When I came, she hadn't been ready to go yet. And when were were about to leave, we noticed that her dad had taken all the helmets out to take his friends home. We had to wait for 15mins. We arrived in the Chuon CHuong pho Cafe' 30mins late. Agrhh, I hate being late. I have been really proud of myself for always being punctual but that day I broke the rule. There were not many CC-ers attending the meeting. However we had a very pleasant and warm meeting and after thay, we figured out quite many problems. We are going to organize a big even called HHT Teen Awards. I'm still considering if I should take part in the event to the best I can because I will be very busy with TOEFL, SAT. Chinese and tutoring this summer.But I cant bear being an onlookers to my beloved CC's events.

On Wednesday our teacher was busy so we had to do some tedious english exerces and then we continued with two crazily boring literature periods. Well, I had to cancel my Math extra class the second time as I had to attend the Chemistry extra class with my classmates.

On thursday I got a bad mark, a so-so mark and a high mark at Math. Well I'm really apprehensive about my Math results; it's has been horrible.

On Friday I had to go to the Hanoi Youth Union's headquarter to attend a meeting on the IWE competition in Vietnam. I guess I was a bit curious during the meeting cos I asked the organizers 3 questions and they seemed to be not very satisfied with my questions. Whtever larh, I'm sure that the most supportive questions they could get cause during the meeting, none of the students ( which are all their school's student council presiden) asked a question. And I am really interested in this contest cause the prize is a one-week trip to South Africa. However I am now a bit hestitate to register because contestants are appealed to be able to swim. -.-I came home and did some reading before going to sleep. After dinner I went to Nam Anh's house and tutored him. Waaw, dunno why sometimes my student can be that cute and lovely and amiable ah. He made a so-called cake for me. Cool rite? It was delicous anyway. How sweet. And we talked quite a lot about his girl-friend. Then came home and stayed up very late to revise Physics lesson and Litearature as well. And tomorrow was the day the Vietnam's first satellite to be launched. So prouddddddddddd!!!!

Yeah and finally Saturday! I hope I did well in the 3 tests today : physics, literature and geography . And I got 10 mark at PE too ^__^ .This afternoon I slept much . Thats' ok. It's weekend time anyway.

Well, keep carrying on!! Lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah......

Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 4, 2008

CD AYL 2008

Ok this post is about one of the most valuable experiences I have eva got, that's the CD AYL camp 2008 in Singapore.

I remember that was on saturday 8th March when I was informed I was chosen to take part in the camp ( at that time I though it was a convention for leaders -.- ) . It was a big surprised and I was really excited about this event. Yeah I had never gone abroad before . Well we had to consider quite carefully because the fee for the program was not low at all. At least, 10 millions VND at that time was a big problem to my family. My parents agreed to let me go .

Our team has 5 members. Except for me, they are all talented and study very well . It didn't matter, the camp was not only for nerds or excellent students anyway. We prepared quite much for the trip cos we all thought we would come to Sp on the behalf of our country.
It was all wrong.
Rite after we arrived in SP, we realized that this so-called convention was just a traning camp. Waaw, I was a bit dissapoited. Yeah I had been elated and proud. Sure, being the reprentative of a country is a big pride but actually I just came here to take part in a for-fun camp!
Luckily it was just a negative thought. I think I gained much valuable things from the camp. And I could learn from many people. Let's see.

About the teammates.
They are all excellent students! Hard-working and intelligent and they get very very good results. As for me, just a President but study badly -.- I though it was shameful. Ok, let's stop talking about that stupid issue! Linh was a shy girl before the trip. She always looked very confused and she was worried about nonsense things that could never happen. However, she always willing to learn from others and try to take every chance that could help her become more confident. Say, at the gala dinner ,she tried to make us believe in her and let her to come on the stage to receive the award ( or something like that, I'm not very sure -.- ). And after the camp she completely changed. She became much more active and she really wanna make a difference for our school. heh heh, and she got somebody to love. it's hendy. Now , Tien. A very smart girl. She 's very quick and seemed to be a good team leader ( actually the team leader was me ..lolzz). She arranged things well. Talking to her is very funny as well. And we shared the samr interest . that is JJC cute cute boys. Ngan is a lovely girl. Looks pretty and she gets along well with others. However she is not good at Englisj cos she's a french-specialized student( she got first award for the International contest in French -.- ). Viet is a crazy guy . hah hah. He changed his mood all the time. Say in the morning he was very happy and over-exciting then in the afternoon he looked sad and didn't wanna say a word. Waw sometimes he acted like a true man but sometimes like a cutie cat which needs caress . So lovely !! Well, all of my teammates are awesome. They teach me lots of things!! special thanks for my schoolmates!

CD-AYL campers.
Oh well most of the campers are younger than us. We met very friendly girls and guys from SP and other Asean countries. Say in our AG 4 there wre full of Indon students. They are just fifteen or younger ( CLifford is the youngest- a 12 year-old boy). They came from 2 schools in Indo. 5 from Kuala lumpur and the others from Medan. And all of them are young talented leaders. Very friendly and kind. They always take care for each other and for us. Talking with them was full of fun. Well I have to say thanks for them , really. During the 3 days camping at JJC, I was seperated from my schoolmates and I was in LG7. Most of them knew Chinese except for me and Alfred. However, they never let me alone. Always observe if I was alone and If I was, they came and talk to me. Of course I'm not thay shy but sometimes I just couldn't listen to their English and they were really willing to repeat wht they wanted to say until I could understand. Vania and Lingga seemed to have special feelings for me. Lingga had a pain in her leg and she always looked unhappy but talking to her was really interesting. She is very knowledgeable and was always ready to tell me anything bout Indo . vania is tactful and always took care very carefully for Lingga. Oh it would be a serious mistake if I dun mention here my 2 roommates : kae Jun and Wei chee from Malaysia. Waaw they are soo coool and amiable. It was easy to share with them many girl-problems. Kae Jun is easy to cry. She was crying much on the last day and Wei Chee seemed to be more mature. the 2 malaysian girls were a beautiful memories to me.

I dunno how can I express all of my feelings for them. Our SLOs were hendy and Cheri. Hendy is seventeen. like us but so mature. I dunno why he could took care for every of us like that. He was always ready to help and never let anyone alone. HE has a shining smile which could please any girl. He's a calm man too. Well on the fourth day, Linh got lost at the shopping mall and he was looking for her. After Linh came back he didn't seem to be angry at all. Just smiled and told Linh to be calm. Cheri is a well-rounded girl I guess and she's very cute, I think she loves to dance.

Oh my gods! There are so many cute boys. How can they be soooooo handsome! Ok, let's talk about ALL OF THEM first ( and pretty boys later :P ) . Howver sometimes I felt so passive because they cared for us like for kindergarten babies. I think they are the ones who become more grown-up after the camp , not us. However they did really good jobs . my LG 7 facs gave me a card to say thanks but sadly, they thought I came from Indo.. Lolzz. maybe because I sticked to my beloved indon friends most o' the time. And about the cutie boys, they are all cool except for Yew Tong. Deyan is a tactful fac. Once he asked me if the food was good enough to eat and he always smiled if I said hello. Yew siang was a bir shy and didn't talk much but seemed to be very responsible. And Benny is so cool. He's a good cheerleader. And.. er and... omg so many. Well now I still feel regretful because I shouted at yew tong and said that he was annoying person (actually he was really annoying during the lantern-making competition) and I required a JJC boy to stop making noise when he was talking to Yew Siang. I'm sorry. I was really quick-tempered.!! Special thanks to our LG7 facs!

But for his help, we hadn't had the chance to come to SP. And he was really helpful during the camp eventhough he was not a SLO or a SF. He's enthusiastic and has a positive attitude to life. Bak from SP, we've been chatting a lot and I discovered that we have quite a lot in common, say our plan to organize a camp, our favorite subs .. etc

(to be cont...)

Thứ Tư, 16 tháng 4, 2008

Dreams and efforts .

As a promise to my-self, gotta compose an english entry everyday eventhoug I keep my blog under wraps. Yeah I'll let people know when my writing gets much better.

Waaw it's April ah and I'm going to have a big examinations. Oh yeah. tests suck! exam suck! Everything is in a mess now. I 've been getting worse since I enterd 2skul. Too many activities yeah, love affair yeah and the damn bad habit, being addicted to the internet. All those things are the biggest obstacle against my succeed..

Okey. Now I am totally free. No activities. No responsibility. No mission. No basketball. In shorts I have nothing to do but studying . And I have much time. I dun have so many extra classed like others. Just have to go to school in the morning and spend the whole rest day home. Yeah so free ah. But just cant stop myself doing bullshit stuffs. Oh yeah getting online just to wait for Duc or Hendy or any cute cute JJC boys to chit chat with me or browsing the blog of them. Ah yeah, searching for Yew siang's blog too ( but haven't succeeded yet -.- ). Okey I sleep pretty much too, k, stay up vry late at nite but spend almost an afternoon to sleep. That sucks! I'm getting fat.

Now no more boyfriend. Yeah I enjoy being single. No more tear no more sorrow no more anger .. blah. But cant get over JJC boys's smile. Waaw. they are really cool. I keep dreaming I can study at JJC someday.....

heh wazz up?
yeah that the alarm voice!
wake up gal u dun have much time! Big exam is waiting 'n u gotta apply for US unis ah. And u have to work very hard as a responsible tutor ah.
Ur totally not free .
Save time and get out of this suck blog immediatly .. LOLZZ
I have conflicts with myself.
Yeah gotta go. Be back in 2 weeks time.


Thứ Ba, 15 tháng 4, 2008


This post is about my part-time job as an English tutor.
Rite. I started my job last year when I was in grade 10. My aunt asked me to tutor her son - a 13 year-old boy. To me , it was a golden chance at that time cause I was starving for money. Teaching is not very easy to me. I am a quick-tempered girl who can easily get angry . My student seemed to be a good child at first. He never tried to poke fun at me like other boys often do and he did all the homework I gave to him. But as time went by, he became more and more lazy, keeping procasinating doin the homework and he seemd to be bored about my lessons. Agrrhh I was really impatient. However he still respected me and shared with me everything about his life including his family crisis and his dream girl friend. But how could I receive my salary monthly just because I came to his house to talk to him as a psychologist? I am a tutor!!! I really wanted to give up. One day, I came to his house and noticed that he hadn't finished the homework, I was crazy! I talked to his mom and said I wanted to quit. I said that he hasn't been ready to study English. She got really angry and she kept shouting at him. Saying bad things and swearings! oooh.. I was feeling terrible and didn't know what to do. He closed his the room door and cried alone. I nearly cried. I asked him to open the door and let me talk to him for a while. Then , after nearly one hour talking like adults. He agreed to talk to his mom and they let me go. That evening I didn't go home but cycled 4 kms to my best friend's house to talk to her.

I failed once but I became experienced.
Once again I became an English tutor .
my student is 2 yeard younger than me. Tall, handsome, kind and friendly but very lazy. He studied not very badly but not well too. At first he was really shy. The first day I came to his house I guess I was the only one who talked. He just noded and smiled. However, I think I have special attraction LOLzz... from the second period, we talked a lot and shared millions of things!!!! We became very gooood friends. Whenever I am free I call him and we hang out. I feel like I am not only his tutor but also his sister and consultant and private psychologist ^___^. His parents like me a lot. They always ask me to have dinner with them and they believe absolutely in me , allow me to take him out to eat or entertain ( cinema, karaoke.... ) as long as I/he wants.
I've been tutoring him for 14 months . His english has improved but not much. To tell the truth I am not satisfied with what I 've done. I havent been able to inspire him or smth like that. Waaw, maybe I'm too ambitous but I guess I could have done more than that. He's going to take then high -school entrance exam. It's extremely hard to get into a good school . He's neither excellent nor talented in any particular subject. everything is so so. I 'm really worried. God bless him!

And I have just become an english tutor of a 49-year-old lady who knows nothing about English. Man! She has 2 children who are studying in UK and she needs to communicate when she goes visit them. And she travels a lot a well. ( how rich =.=). Teaching such a person is really tiring. Need to be very patient. I spent 2,5 hours on the first day just to practise" hello, how are u and ABC and numbers..." with her. Gosh! Cant bear the way she pronounces and she's really absent-minded. However, the salary is good. I dun need to ask mom for money for my Eng course thi summer ^__^. But I guess she doesn't really respect me. She asked me to come tutoring her this evening but she forgot about that and when I arrived she just said she forgot and told me to come another day. I felt a bit angry. Whtever. Now I am an employee and she's my employer. Minh, u need to be patient!!

Yeah I dun wanna be a teacher when I grow up. Teaching is not simple as I thought but it's really interesting. After more than 4 years, being the tutor of 3 people have made me become really mature and independent. Now I dun have to ask for money every month and can buy things for mom , dad , sis or my friends without considering too much. And I dun have to ask money for my SAT course too.. YAY!!!